MIH Gaïa – Series II. black

Swiss made, La Chaux-de-Fonds

The MIH Gaïa watch

The Musée international d’horlogerie reveals its new creation : the MIH Gaïa watch. The idea behind it is to support exceptional workmanship with the aim of preserving watchmaking heritage.

MIH Gaïa – Series II, black – Sold out

MIH Gaïa – Series I, blue – Sold out

Why should I purchase an MIH Gaïa watch ?

Because you like it! But also because it embodies the values of the museum and of the Gaïa Prize. This example of quality local watchmaking demonstrates the MIH’s dual aim : to raise public awareness of the safeguarding of watchmaking heritage, by funding different projects to restore, document and showcase the museum’s collection, and to promote the expertise of regional watchmakers.

The funds raised with the MIH Gaïa Série II noire timepiece will be used to study and restore François Ducommun’s Tellurium (early 19th century), as well as to list, classify and inventory the associated archives.

< The Tellurium awaiting to be restored in the MIH workshop
© MIH, V.Savanyu

One museum,
one city, nine partners

When the MIH issued invitations to work on a unique project aimed at safeguarding and showcasing watchmaking heritage, various regional experts from different fields came forward. These artisans, all based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, were eager and proud to contribute their technical expertise towards the different aspects of the watch, to develop a finished product of outstanding quality.

  • Atelier XJC
  • Brasport SA
  • Cornu & Cie
  • Jean Singer & Cie
  • Laboratoire Dubois
  • Sellita Watch Co
  • Stila SA
  • Timeforge
  • Entreprise Horlogère LCF SA

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